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"The Art of Light and Retouch"
With Gavin Von Karls

Gavin Von Karls is truly a master image-maker, an auteur whose fine art is in high demand by connoisseurs all over the world. Based in Los Angeles, Gavin's commercial work is regularly published in prominent magazines, articles, and online venues. Specializing in Beauty, Fashion, and Editorial genres, Gavin's images uncannily transcend subject matter, breaking through the superficial and revealing the universal truths beneath. He is experienced in digital, medium format, and large format renderings.

He is currently offering an exciting experiential two day intensive workshop, that will include working with live models in Studio. This event will be open to a maximum of 10 qualified participants. It will be a rigorous hands on training, so bring lots of energy, a positive attitude, and a willingness to have fun as we proceed through a variety of challenging experiences.


Day 1 : Creating Your Vision with Light and Shadow. " If you Dream it, you will be able to shoot it"

Using Light and Shadow effectively is critical to becoming a master photographer. In a few hours you will learn how to light a model in a variety of ways to achieve remarkable results!

Lighting: Create Compelling and Provocative Imagery
- Hard vs soft lighting and when to use them? 
- Continuous and Strobe lighting and the benefits to both. 
- Window light and using natural light indoors.
- How to use bounce effectively.
- One, Two and Three point lighting setups.
- Exposure and metering 
- Color Temperature 

Wrap up and prep for day 2.


Day 2: Post Production Techniques

Ansel Adams said, " The negative is the equivalent of the composer's score and the print is the performance." The performance here is how you employ your creativity to move your images forward to the next level. Primary focus of this day is retouching images shot the previous day, emphasizing dodging and burning.

Creating Your Vision: Retouching Magic

- Choosing your image – how to select strong images
- How to customize photoshop for your editing needs
- Editing Beauty vs Fashion
- Working with a mouse or pen? Tablet or no Tablet?
- Prepping your image with camera raw - SRGB vs Adobe 1998
- Setting up a palette of actions for you to be ready to edit in mere seconds
- Editing with Two Curves layers vs Soft Light Layers
- Liquify and Body manipulation
- Fine tuning Color selection
- Prepping for Print or Web (Sharpening and Resizing image)

What You Leave With: At the end of the workshop you will be able to take an image you've composed and deliver a master performance in your final print. You will walk away with a number of tolls, including a diverse palette of actions and photoshop presets that will have you creating all-inspiring imagery.


Things that will be provided during the workshop
- Models
- Lights
- Snacks and drinks
- Goodie bags

Things you will NEED for the workshop
- DSLR camera body
- Lenses or a zoom lens
- Memory Cards
- Fully Charged batteries
- A laptop or computer with Photoshop CS3 or later software (preferably CS5)
- Day 2 you will need your images from Day 1

Optional items for the workshop
- Your own lights
- Ipad
- Starbucks Coffee

- WHEN: June 8th and 9th
- COST: $1099